About our company

Golden Timber Ltd. is a firm with more than 30 years of experience in timber trade. We are mainly working in the field of trading with products made of hardwood timber. Each of the deliveries are set based on the unique needs of our customers, so as to be able to fulfill their needs as much as possible. We are mainly working as wholesalers (full and partial load quantities) with the following species: acacia (black locust), beech, ash, oak, but we are also able to offer linden, maple and poplar products as well. We are mainly trading with sawn products, such as unedged and edged sawn timber, elements and strips but in our range you can also find pole products, such as barked, sanded, sapwood free, machine rounded and sawn poles (mainly from acacia specie). Among our final products you can find parquets (mainly oak), acacia terrace decking, flower boxes, etc.