Poplar is common in the temperate zone, 10% of the Hungarian forests is Poplar. We can distinguish between two categories: native poplars (such as white poplar (Populus alba), black poplar (Populus nigra) and aspen (Populus tremula)) and hybrid poplars (such as marilandica poplar (P.X euramericana Marilandica), I 214 poplar (P.X euramericana I-214), robusta poplar (P.X euramericana robusta) and pannonia poplar (P.X euramericana Pannónia)). These species has greater role in the timber production. They can be found mainly in Alföld (Hungarian Great Plain) as drought-tolerant and grow in sandy soil as well. The poplar tree grows relatively fast. Its timber is homogen, relatively low-dense.

It is mainly used as packing material, it is the most important raw material in the pallett production. It is also used in veneer and composite board production, but in the furniture industry as well.